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Questions & answers

Online arbitration proceeding is either conducted totally online by online means of communication or partly online by a combination of online and offline means. In totally online arbitration the entire process is conducted online by the use of email, video conferencing and web based communications.
Answer. A very good question, and the answer is that there are many reasons why employers want employees to sign agreements to arbitrate. Most of them start with a dollar sign: Employers believe that they stand to lose less often -- and less money -- in arbitration than they would in court.
Arbitration agreement is a written agreement between the parties to a contract or otherwise, committing themselves to resolve all the issues arising out of a contract or otherwise through arbitration.
A party is deceived, intimidated, or coerced during the execution of the arbitration agreement and requests a declaration that such arbitration agreement is invalid; and. The arbitration agreement violates prohibitions specified by the law.

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