What Does the Sign Mean on My Ford Focus Dashboard?

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What does the sign (i) mean on my Ford Focus dashboard?

If it is a fairly modern car, it could be the tire pressure monitoring system warning of erratic pressure. Usually looks like this (!) with an underline. If one knows how to manually check the pressures, and can read the info on the car door jamb, the pressure can be put to specification. However, it is just as likely that the TPMS is faulty. If the manual procedure checks out, then put a little tape over the signal. The TPMS can be expensive to fix When possible before starting from home, just walk around the car and visually check the shape of the tires, and perhaps once a month, check the pressures as above. If possible, you might upload a photo in the comment section.

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In addition to the tire and pressure checks, take a few other visual checks with your GPS: Check the lights on the instrument panel (this is important) Check where the car started (and whether the light is on when the car starts) Check the speedometer Check the indicators on the top and bottom of the windshield Take care not to run into or over the sensor. Also avoid going over the car's tires. You don't want to run the sensor as it is being disconnected. It should be removed and reattached while the gauge is in place. A quick check to be sure it is connected correctly is to just push down on the battery terminal. And finally, remove the battery and turn the gas off and turn the car off.