Are An Electronic Signature And a Digital Signature Similar?

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Are an electronic signature and a digital signature similar?

While both the terms are used interchangeably and both are used to authenticate documents, there are certain glaring differences between the two. Electronic Signature The electronic signature refers to the digital form of the wet-ink signature. It is secure and legally binding but does not follow any form of coding or is not based on any standards. An electronic signature can either be in the form of a symbol, an image or a process that is attached to a document or message to authenticate its identity and give consent. It is used to verify documents. Since it does not undergo a process of validation by either a trusted certificate authority or trust service provider, it is usually not considered to be an authorized form of signing. But it is easy to use. Digital Signature A digital signature is secured. It works along with the electronic signature and relies on PKIs or public key infrastructure. Essentially a digital signature has certain incorporated encryption standards that helps to authenticate a person’s identity. The digital signature is generally used when we need to authenticate and secure a document. Digital signature undergoes validation by trust service providers and trusted certificate authorities and is hence, considered to be an authorized form of signature. This makes it more secure and authentic than an electronic signature.

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A digital signature is easy to use and can be a secure way to verify documents. What is a digital signature? It uses a series of mathematical routines to create a unique representation of the person or group you are signing. When you sign another person's document with your digital signature, it encrypts the message using the digital signature. You sign a document using a digital signature. This is a way to authenticate a person by encrypting the document digitally. The message is signed using a key that is associated to your personal identity. For example, if the key associated to your identity is your social insurance number, your signature would become your digital signature. A digital signature can also be encrypted and sent using email. You sign a message using a digital signature. If there is an email address associated with your digital signature, it will be linked to.

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