Is It Safe to Sign a PDF Online?

When you prepare an important document such as a contract, an agreement, a power of attorney or any other form that is going to be legally binding, you have to authorize it. Of course, you can first print it out and then certify it by hand. As new technologies are constantly improving, today there are lot of solutions allowing you to add signature to PDFs online. To accomplish the procedure successfully you need to upload your examples to the account and put your signature.

However, you may have some questions and hesitations about the security of your papers and information they contain, especially if you are a first-time user. We are going to answer to the common question how to sign a PDF online and provide you with a short instruction how to do it easily.

Do eSigners Ensure the Security of Files?

Today's streamlined services are very user-friendly. They offer the customers an intuitive interface and logical sequence. Such digital tools are available for any device. So, you can effortlessly legalize your form even while on the go no matter you have a mobile or a tablet. Due to e-signatures play a prominent role in modern life, the solutions care about the safety of the documents that are going to be processed and their content.

  • They encrypt the transmission of information using secure SSL;
  • The privacy of your files and online created elements are guaranteed;
  • All the uploaded PDFs are deleted from a server after they`ve been processed.

However, you should be aware that no method of electronic transmission or storage can ensure 100% secure.

If you need to get your paper signed by a third party, you have to send them a request. After that, your partner will receive your invitation link. After clicking it, they will have an ability to certify it and send back to you.

How to Sign a PDF Electronically?

The digital advanced tools are safe and they allow you to sign a PDF online in a matter of minutes. Using them, the process can be completed without unnecessary delays and confusions. Look through the steps required:

  • start by uploading a PDF subject to certification;
  • choose the way of signing, i.e. by typing, drawing, uploading or capturing with a webcam;
  • drop your item wherever you want in a form;
  • save changes by clicking the “Done” button.
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