Is It Legally to eSign PDF Documents?

All the business issues have to be solved quickly and without delays. There are some situations when you need to get a contract signed by your partner immediately. Imagine that he/she isn't at the office or doesn't have a paper at hand. There is no reason to worry as today we have a lot of powerful services that allow you to certify documents in PDF electronically. All you need is to just send an invitation link and after receiving a party can add his/her mark. However, you may have a question whether such method is legal or not. In this article we are going to give answers to the typical questions related to e-signing legitimacy.

When eSignature is Legally Binding?

Approving your papers online is very simple procedure that takes just a few seconds. One more key point is that you can certify your form in the most convenient way. You have an ability to type, draw, upload and even capture your signature with a webcam. However, when it comes to its validity, you have to be very careful.

Whether the e-signature is legally binding or not, it depends on a country where you are doing your business. So, it is legal in 27 countries including:

- China;

- the United States;

- Russia;

- Australia;

- Canada;

- and those in the European Union.

To avoid any difficulties and solve an issue whether a legalized paper will be valid in court you can apply to a lawyer for additional information. You have to take into account that signing on the digital line does not mean it is binding. To authorize your papers according to the requirements you should use only trusted solutions.

Steps to eSign PDFs

If you opt for streamlined digital tools to esign PDF documents, the process will be a breeze. No extra costs or downloads of additional software. Only a few simple steps are required:

  • open a specific online service;
  • upload a digital sheet you want to authorize;
  • choose the way of adding your mark;
  • drop it wherever you prefer in a file;
  • once you finish, select the “Done” button to save the changes;
  • download a certified form to your device or print it out in seconds.
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