Add Signature to PDF: Type, Draw, Upload, Use Webcam

PDFs are easy to create, view and use. They are great for preserving content as it’s almost impossible to extract any information from them. But you may achieve even more benefits from a single PDF. For example, you may protect it with watermarks and passwords. Moreover, it is possible to sign the document electronically. This feature gives you a wide range of possibilities.

All necessary contracts, applications, registration forms etc. may be prepared in a matter of minutes. There is no longer any need for printing, sending mail parcels or meeting in person in order to get papers certified.

Visit special platforms allowing you to edit your files online. Explore all the provided tools and learn how to add your signature. Many services offer different ways to e-sign documents. However, some websites provide you with all possible options. All you need is to choose one that suits you the best.

Eliminate paperwork hassles and add signature to PDF using advanced services.

Ways to Sign PDF Documents Online
  • You may simply type your name (first or last) by clicking the T icon.
  • Draw your mark by choosing the fountain pen button. You may change the color and thickness.
  • Create a signature with your finger. Click on mobile device, provide your phone number or email address. You will receive a link via message or email. Open it and complete the process.
  • Capture your mark with a webcam. Allow access to your camera. Underwrite a piece of paper and hold it up to the camera. It has to fit inside the blue box.
  • You may also upload a signature by clicking the arrow button. Navigate it to an image with a needed one on your computer.
How to Complete the Process Online?

You’d better to find the service that provides all options listed above. Visit the platform and upload a form to your account. The file is instantly editable. You may enter necessary data, change the font type and color, add pictures, videos, audios, links and so on. Learn all the features and apply needed ones. Then click the respective icon in the toolbar. The Signature Wizard allows you to draw, upload, type and capture your mark with a webcam.

Note that you can process as many sheets as you require. Just save them and use when is needed.

Click the DONE button to download the file or forward it via email, fax or sms to the recipient.

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