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Easy signature makes it possible to replace paper-based approval processes with secure electronic signatures in a global environment easy signature is easy to deploy and formally validate you have full control over your files it's easy to use and affordable follow five simple steps to get started step one simply copy easy signature software to your computer no installation is required step to fill in your company information step three get a certificate from ez signature step 4 now you can generate electronic identification for all of your employees step 5 you can now sign any type of file and create automatic approval processes our customers approve on average one thousand documents per year and save 35 minutes per document using easy signature this corresponds to a savings of 600 man-hours per year and 6500 US dollars additional costs per year consisting of archiving printing shipping and rotating get rid of all the problems related to paper documents save money and time easy signature is easily deployed and formally validated on-site easy signature easy to use secure and affordable you

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Deborah W.
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James S.
The process of PDF correction has never been so easy. I’ve managed to create a new document faster than ever before!
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William G.
It was really easy to fill out my PDF document and add a signature to it! This is a great service! I recommend it to you!
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Denis B.
I edited the document with my mobile phone. It was fast and, as a result, I’ve got a professional-looking document.

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Submit important papers on the go with the number one online document management solution. Use our web-based app to edit your PDFs without effort. We provide our customers with an array of up-to-date tools accessible from any Internet-connected device. Upload your PDF document to the editor. Browse for a file on your device or add it from an online location. Insert text, images, fillable fields, add or remove pages, sign your PDFs electronically, all without leaving your desk.


What are some cool productivity tools for startups?
I lead Growth & Acquisition @Station, a YC-backed startup that's been voted Product of the Year 2017 by the Product Hunt community. After multiple benchmarks, trials and errors, here's the most efficient stack we came up with.Customer successUser data should be the Single Source of Truth for all product decisions.TypeformBuild amazingly beautiful surveys (NPS, lost users, feature usage, etc.). People will actually enjoy filling out your surveys!AppcuesOnboarding is a crucial part of your acquisition funnel because it's the only one that every user will experience. This too allows you to easily build targeted on-boarding flows and contextual tooltips in a WYSIWYG editor.Discourse forumCentralise general feedbacks, feature requests and bug reports. Can be hard to set up, but it's definitely worth it: any feature you can think of is there... for free!!IntercomCommunicate with our user base and provide support (FAQ, live chat, etc.)ProductivityWe shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us — John Culkin.StationThe one app to rule them all! I A free desktop client that aggregates all your web-apps in a unified interface. Get rid of those 20 tabs, stay focused and work faster with Station.YoinkA terrific utility that greatly simplifies drag & drop. You'll instantly feel it should be a native part of Mac OSMuzzleA simple, straightforward app that automatically silences all notifications when screen sharing. Plus, it's got the funniest landing page ever.CollaborationEasy, fast and non-disruptive information flow is what you aim for.NotionBuild and host our entire knowledge base (tables, notes, how-to's, wikis) and to-do lists. Along with Station, this tool will radically enhance your productivity.SlackOne-one or team communication. Do I really need to detail?Appear.inMake internal and external video-calls. As easy to use as it can be: no sign-up or extension required, just click a link to join the call.CloudAppHUGE time-saver that I use 20+ times per day: allows you to create - in 2 clicks - shareable links of screenshots and screen recordings.Product & designGather feedback Mockup Test Review Ship Retry.MoqupsWireframing and flow design. Feature-packed but still easy to use: what else?InVisionReview and collaborate on design iterationsSketchBuild new UIs or edit existing screens.JiraData & analyticsThere's no learning without clear and relevant data-analysis.Airtable Build user-friendly lists and tables (better than Sheets or Excel).Amplitude Easily build analytics dashboards without writing SQL Query your database to analyze app usage. A truly versatile analytics tool.Google Tag Manager One of the most useful tools of the Google Marketing Suite: allows marketing folks to autonomously manage tracking events and website integrations.Marketing & growthThe quality of your product is your main marketing lever. Nevertheless, a helping hand might be needed from time to time.AgoraPulseCentralise social media interactions (inbound & outbound)PavedIdentify partners and make sponsored ad campaigns in newslettersAdEspressoManage and A/B test Facebook and Adwords campaigns.MediumThe go-to platform to host your blog or content.CI & hostingTravis CIFast and reliable CI builds for Mac and Linux.AppVeyorCI builds for WindowsAuth0A tool that provides secure and reliable authentication as a service. Better let the pros do that kind of stuff.ForestDon't waste time developing your back-office in-house: execute fast and at scale with this awesome back-office as a service tool.Hope this helps,❤️
What are the best sales tools for startups?
Great question. Sales can be tricky for startups, as founders, how genius their idea might be, often lack the experience of a seasoned sales man. Luckily, there are some great tools out there that can help you in throughout various stages of the sales cycle.The following is a list of carefully researched apps we either use ourselves or recommend. I’ll try to somewhat categorise the different tools according to the business process they help optimise.Prospecting and Lead GenerationLinkedIn Sales NavigatorThis is not likely to be the cheapest tool you’ll come across, but it’s just great for lead generation for the simple reason that it allows you to fish from the biggest pool of business professionals there is to be found. Sales Navigator features a wide range of useful filters that allow you to effectively search for potential clients. It gives you analytics, insights and recommendations so you can stay updated and focus on the right people.Dux-SoupWe use Dux-Soup to automate lead generation from LSN. Dux-Soup is a Chrome extension that acts like a teeny-tiny robot you can issue to visit the LinkedIn-profiles from a given list and save their data. Set the filters of LSN to target a certain persona and tell Dux-Soup to go and visit them all. All of these profiles will get notified that you visited them and you’ll have their names, industries, roles, company domains and more, extractable as a .CSV list you can use for several purposes.Hunter.ioTo find out e-mail addresses based on company and domain (which you can thus easily get with LSN and Dux-Soup). Success rate of about 70%, which is a long way already.ElucifyIf Hunter doesn’t cut it, try Elucify. It’s a completely free and crowdsourced database for business contact information. Just enter what company you want email addresses from and see what it has in store for you. It’s pretty amazing that it’s free, no catches.RapportiveChrome-plugin that shows you linked accounts like LinkedIn, Google and Twitter for an e-mail address, straight in your Gmail inbox as a sidebar. You can use it to guess e-mail addresses you didn’t find with Hunter and/or elucify. Try typing combo’s like firstname.lastname@domain, firstname@domain etc. and check if Rapportive can dig up accounts on those. We don’t use Rapportive because our CRM Salesflare can do this too and more from the Chrome-plugin which equally sits in a Gmail or Outlook inbox.Datanyze / BuiltWith.comBoth are intelligent lead generation tools that can tell you the exact software stack a certain company is using. You can even find out exact dates of when a certain technology was dropped by the company you’re investigating. It can also help you to find email address and other contact information.OutreachMailChimpWe use MailChimp for email campaigns. Obvious choice, it allows for effective email campaigns that won’t end up in your recipient’s spam box. Other than that: powerful analytics, email tracking, great resources on email templates and easy to integrate with our other tools.MixmaxWe use MixMax for cold emailing because it sends emails directly from your Gmail, unlike MailChimp and alternatives. This makes it ideal for personal emailing, as they won’t end up in the ‘Promotions’ section of the recipient’s Gmail account. It also gives you a lot of possibilities in setting up email sequences, it allows you for example to break off a sequence when a recipient has responded to your first email. Other than that, it’s filled with cool features to spice up emails: slash commands, email templates, email and click tracking, embedded surveys/polls and an awesome meeting scheduler.User engagement and trackingSalesflare for email, click and website visit trackingOur CRM fully integrates with your Gmail or Outlook and will notify you when someone opens your email, clicks a link in the email and visits your website.Intercom.ioYou mentioned Intercom already for CS and you’re absolutely right about that. However, it can serve other purposes too. Talk to your website’s visitors in real-time. Great for tracking frequency of use and behaviour inside your app, other than the in-prompt personal messaging. Hands-on, low-threshold solution to get and stay on top of your users, whether they’re still in your sales funnel or already locked in.Google AnalyticsDefault analytics tool. There are some alternatives around, but this is still solid as a rock and is easy to use with your Google apps and accounts.CRM / Sales Funnel ManagementSalesflareOur intelligent automated sales CRM. Salesflare is built to automate most of your sales funnel process. It automatically fills out your address book with data it pulls from sources like social media, email signatures and company databases . It tracks and log all interactions of leads towards you (phone, email, calendar), including emails and website tracking. All that is automated in a handy timeline so you have all the info you need at your fingertips, at all times. There’s more: from the data it gathers it will tell and remind you what to do about specific leads so you won’t have any leads falling through the cracks anymore. It’s not a robot yet, but it does do most of the working and thinking for you. There’s a desktop and a mobile app, but I mostly use it straight from my Gmail, where it gives me everything I need on a customer from an integrated sidebar.Managing online payments and subscriptionsStripeThe friend that takes care of your online payments. No effort required from your side whatsoever, Stripe has you covered. Very easy to work with and useful with different subscription plans. Link it up with Slack to get it to tell you in real-time when your money is flowing in.
What are the best team collaboration tools for startups for free?
With the rise of a sophisticated system of new technology, computers, and mobile technology, the process of automation to implement the right tools to boost productivity and stay ahead of the competition is widely increasing. Whether small or large business teams, there is a need for solid project collaboration software to get more time on getting real work done. Collaboration tools of better quality are increasingly making the businesses to rely on the simplicity of software available in 2018. This collaboration software help in communicating and working on tasks with real-time co-workers.In this article, we have an updated list of top 29collaboration software for small and large businesses. We have divided into categories for faster research:Project managementCommunication & collaborationTime trackingFile sharing toolVideo conferencing toolProject management1. ProofHubProofHub is a simple online project management software that manages teams with small and big projects, freelancers, remote teams and large enterprises to deal with any problem they come up. ProofHub helps in managing post updates in discussion topics, create notes and to-do lists, group chat, share documents, and timesheets with remote teams and clients. Moreover, it serves as a simple business management software with task management features.What’s unique about ProofHub?Excellent interface: ProofHub offers a fresh take on project management with its sleek user interface, reduced number of clicks and an interface with the great user experience. The interface is too easy to understand and the dashboard looks super clean and uncluttered to manage the tasks.Proofing tool: ProofHub online proofing software helps teams save a lot of time during the review and feedback sharing process.White-labeling: ProofHub lets you incorporate your branding into the account by adding little more personal touch to your brand by choosing your custom domain name.Multilingual interface availability: You can convert the ProofHub interface into the language of your choice by choosing from more than half a dozen of languages.Task management: Online task management feature offers a transparent way of assigning tasks, adding labels, time estimates, subtasks, files and private task list.Gantt charts: Gantt charts help to plan projects like a pro by creating project roadmaps for resources, set task dependencies, and plan & iterate projects effortlessly.Calendar: ProofHub reminds about deadlines tracks events and schedules in a single space in the app calendar, so you will always stay a step ahead in scheduling.Communication & collaboration2. SlackSlack is the foundation of teamwork and shared understanding across your team. It helps you communicate and collaborate without emails by setting a standard for online team communication. Millions of people are using Slack to bring their teams together and drive their business forward.What’s unique about slack?Find answers you need: Slack builds a platform to have team conversation, make decisions and putting knowledge in everyone’s hands.Streamlines your workflow: Slack has an open API to keep your team coordinated and working faster within the context of your conversations. Slack apps go where you like to work: in a web browser, synced to your desktop, and portable on a smartphone or tablet.Search: You can search for all Slack content from one search box including conversations, files, links, and even content that’s integrated with Google Drive or tweets.Integrate Slack with other services: Connection with other services like Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Twitter, Asana, Trello, and others can be pulled into conversations.Image Source: Slack3. FlockFlock is a communication and collaboration platform for modern teams to drive efficiency and boosts the speed of execution. It has a beautiful interface that helps make faster decisions and lets you bring your team together.What’s unique about Flock?You can add a to-do right to your account. To-do lists can be personal or collaborative.Flock gives you read-only channels which allow for certain kinds of organizational information, such as HR rules or updates from a legal department to have a dedicated place in a team messaging app.You can migrate a Slack account to Flock without losing a history of conversations just because you want to use a different tool.Flock helps you connect to apps those are not supported by turn to IFTTT or Zapier.Image Source: Flock4. FleepFleep is messenger built for ultimate project collaboration. It keeps away the countless threads of email and makes chatting with team members easy. You should give Fleep a try as it supports dynamic communication with your colleagues from other companies, or within your company, share files and make audio and video calls.What is unique about Fleep?Email compatibility – Add anyone to Fleep teams and conversations with their email address.Pinboard – Pin important messages to the side of each conversationSharing files and integration with Google HangoutsAudio video calling and screen sharing – you can discuss things on a call.Set yourself a reminder – You can do this with the IFTTT integrationImage Source: Fleep(more)
Who are the 2013 Top Writers on Quora?
So it appears the high lords of Quora foolishly bestowed upon me the honor of "Top Writer" again. After I'm done abusing my Top Writer status and lording it over the rest of the user base, Quora will never make the same mistake ever again. For 2014, I pledge to: Drop authoritiative-sounding/seemingly-plausible answers on topics I know nothing about to trick the gullible into behaviors that would entertain me. Go into the comment threads of highest-ranked answers written by non-Top Writers and make bellicose, illogical rebuttals/comments contradicting them. When they point out my obviously-wrong statements, I will reply "Yo peasant - check my profile. Only one of us has "Top Writer" in their profile. Is it you? No? Ok then, piss off." Single-handedly double the workload of the Moderation Team by barging into threads discussing touchy subjects and antagonizing the most prolific people in the thread with thinly-veiled slurs and brazen insults. ===================HAHAHAHA. Kidding, kidding. Truth is, I'm very pleased and flattered. I've had an amazing time hosting Quora meetups (San Francisco Bay Area 2x, Seattle, Los Angeles)  and hope to continue to do so with support from Quora HQ. This year, I will be traveling to Chiang Mai, Thailand and the United Kingdom/London (and visit/hang with Oliver Emberton). I hope to host Quora Meetups in both cities if there is sufficient interest/locals who want to connect in person over good food and fun conversations. Will probably host another Q Meetup in San Francisco area at my loft/condo in a few months (stay tuned for details). In the meantime, I will await my Golden Fleece that will cement my role as Archduke amongst Quora royalty.
What cloud-based contract management software would be good for a start-up?
There are several options available to you which I'll outline below.Selectica CLM: The CLM in the name stands for Contract Lifestyle Management. Suitable for organisations of all sizes you are able to access your documents at anytime from anywhere. Features include pre-configured, best practice contract types and workflows, ESignature integration for speedy approvals, alerts and tasks for expirations. The pricing might be a little prohibitive for a startup in the early stages of growth.Next on the list is Legalesign, online software that manages the contract and sign process. Clients can sign contracts from anywhere which reduces admin costs and improves business productivity. Features include real-time tracking, e-sign documents, automated reminder emails and unlimited team users. Pricing starts at $15/month. Well within the price range for a start-up.Last on the list is ContractWorks, which has been mentioned before it detail so I won't go into too much detail about it's capabilities. Some features which haven't been mentioned previously are customizable email alerts, advanced reporting, bulk uploads and 24/7 support. There is a free trial available (no credit card required). (Disclosure: I work at GetApp)
What are some big software technology companies in Paris, France?
Concord Worldwide (Concord - Free Electronic Signatures and Contract Management) has a large office in Paris (Google Maps). They provide e-signature and contract management software and compete with companies like DocuSign
What is the "best" electronic / digital  signature solution?
Before chosing an e-signature platform I’d highly recommend considering whether you need a global or a local solution. The reason this is of high importance is that some countries have electronic ID’s that is unique to every citizen, allowing a greater security of the signer. So if you’re living in countries likes Sweden, Norway and Denmark where e-ID’s is used by a large percentage of the population, I’d highly recommend to go for a solution that enables the signer to sign with his or her NemID, BankID as well as the normal touch signatures (that everybody can use independently of their nationality).Furthermore some companies have specialized in certain industries meaning that if you’re an accountant, lawyer etc. you can actually get solutions where the order of the signers is adapted based on the document type you need to send. E.g. if you’re an accountant and want to send out the annual report. Instead of manually sending it front and back to each signer, you can chose the document type to be an “annual report” and the system will automatically send it between the parties in the order you’ve decided.If you’re looking for solutions that includes e-ID and thus has a higher level security and still suits all your mentioned requirements I can highly recommend the electronic signature solution called Penneo. They’ve specialized in industries such as accounting, lawyers, property administration, but also works very smoothly in any other industry.Other solutions on the market include DocuSign and Hellosign, but last time I checked they don’t allow you to sign with national e-ID’s.
Which open source software helps in signing documents?
When you said ‘Signing Documents’ the software that came to my mind was DocuSign, but since you asked for open-source, these are some of the alternatives. They can be found here.Source: Rolustech Blog
What is best enterprise digital signature software?
How many users do you have? I imagine if you’re on enterprise level it must be above 500. If that is the case Ben Elliot has a strong point in looking at the cost of changing as well as how the companies are priced. Some are based on only signature lines, others are based on users - some is a combination and so on…As an enterprise you might also want to look into the history of the company. They’re still many new-born start-ups out there operating in the digital signature industry, who’s not yet above the proof of business stage. This puts your enterprise in great risk as you don’t know IF and for how long that company will survive. So with respect to these companies I’d recommend chosing a company who’s is above this stage and who has other enterprises on their customer list…There are several companies out there who make an extremely great job in providing companies with a digital signature solution and which one is the best all depends on your needs. Some are best suited for specific industries such as Penneo where I work, where we focus on accountants, lawyers and real-estate. Others are more general and so forth.I’d recommend you to make a list of the requirements you have and then based on that, look at which company can best serve your needs.Although you may not find my credibility to be the highest, now that I work at a digital signature company myself, I do recommend taking a look at what we’re doing at - a global solution based in Copenhagne, Denmark that is specialized in the accounting, lawyer and real-estate industry. Furthermore we also provide users in Scandinavia to sign with their e-ID.You might also want to look into the two US based companies Docusign and Hellosign.Hope I managed to answer your question! Please leave a comment and let me know how you see this!Feel free to contact me!