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Deborah W.
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James S.
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It was really easy to fill out my PDF document and add a signature to it! This is a great service! I recommend it to you!
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I edited the document with my mobile phone. It was fast and, as a result, I’ve got a professional-looking document.

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Submit important papers on the go with the number one online document management solution. Use our web-based app to edit your PDFs without effort. We provide our customers with an array of up-to-date tools accessible from any Internet-connected device. Upload your PDF document to the editor. Browse for a file on your device or add it from an online location. Insert text, images, fillable fields, add or remove pages, sign your PDFs electronically, all without leaving your desk.


If my psychologist emails me assessments do I need to print them out to be able to fill them out?
It wholly depends upon a) what your psychologist is sending to you in email, and b) whether your laptop has software that can open/edit the document in a).If they sent PDFs (Adobe Portable Document Format documents), you may simply need Acrobat Reader to open and print PDFs. If they sent “fillable forms” (ask them or have a geek friend examine the email content), it should be a breeze to fill the forms and save them to attach and return by email. Otherwise you will probably need to print and use fax or snail mail to return them.If they sent assessments in another format like MS Word, there is an appropriate way to handle those, or whatever format sent to you. Ask your shrink first!
What is a good open source PDF reader component/library for Android?
First of all,PDF reader requires native libraries to render the PDF file. Native libraries are different for different system architectures like ARM, Intel, etc. So, in order to support all the phones, you have to include native libs for all system architectures and sadly, it increases your app size a whole lot.So, if you are interested in Android App Development which is not a PDF reader application, but it has a module to just display PDFs, I do not suggest use libraries like MuPdf since it will increase your app size 15–20 MB. And I don’t think that we should increase the app size for the sake of just displaying a PDF file.As a solution, you can use a PDF.js from Mozilla to display the PDF files.To use PDF.js, just go to pauldmps/Android-pdf.js and download the pdfviewer folder from the assets folder and move it to your app’s asset folder.That’s it!!Now, in order to load a PDF, just include the WebView in your layout, and load the specific URL with your PDF file.To learn how to load PDF in WebView, you can download the demo from pauldmps/Android-pdf.js to understand.gracias!
Is there a service that will allow me to create a fillable form on a webpage, and then  email a PDF copy of each form filled out?
You can use Fill which is has a free forever plan.You can use Fill to turn your PDF document into an online document which can be completed, signed and saved as a PDF, online.You will end up with a online fillable PDF like this:w9 || FillWhich can be embedded in your website should you wish.InstructionsStep 1: Open an account at Fill and clickStep 2: Check that all the form fields are mapped correctly, if not drag on the text fields.Step 3: Save it as a templateStep 4: Goto your templates and find the correct form. Then click on the embed settings to grab your form URL.
What is the best way to sign a PDF document?
It seems like this questions is now a list of ways to sign a pdf document without the need to “print-sign-scan-send” =)Apart from adding KeepSolid Sign as another free alternative to manually sign documents (we are currently in beta), there are couple of interesting ways that the respondents of our recent closed beta testing group shared (we asked more than 230 respondents from different business verticals how they sign / send documents for signing).Particularly, signing with:Apple’s Preview app (the built-in default app for Mac to view pictures, edit and also sign pdfs)Pgp encryption. The approach here would be to open the document in PDF app or in browser, paste your signature, encrypt with the pgp encryption tool like iGolder or built-in solutions for Mozilla, for example.Though, both of these methods still require you to send the final document via email, this is a free alternative if you need to sign documents rarely or just don’t want to pay for a dedicated eSignature solution.Cheers!
What is a good free PDF reader and editor for Mac?
If you need more features than what is in Preview, try our application PDF Studio. There is the free Viewer edition which allows annotating and form filling. The Pro version is a fully featured PDF editor and offers advanced editing options including: Creating interactive forms, converting, OCRing, optimizing, digital signing, redacting, etc…
How can I get a driving licence in Bangalore?
I will summarise the entire process of getting a driving licence in Bangalore. Without Broker / agent or any driving school. Before starting, here is the checklist:No matter wherever you are in Bangalore, choose KR Puram RTO ( for getting your driving licence. Personnels there are a thousand times more civilised and honest than others. I visited Koramangala RTO first, which is ruined by agents and corrupt officials.You'll first need to apply for learning driving licence. After one month, you can apply for permanent driving licence.You would need an age proof and address proof, along with corresponding originals documents.Common age proofs- 10th class marksheet or PAN card. Address Proof is complicated. If you are an outsider, staying in a rented apartment, then you would compulsorily need 2 address proofs, both for your local address as well as your permanent address.Local address proof- A rental agreement carrying your name as "tenant" and your landlord's name as "owner", along with electricity bill in your owner's name will suffice. Visit Kormangala's BDA complex ( to get your rental agreement for about Rs 170/-Permanent Address proof- Your Voter card or Passport mentioning your permanent address would suffice. If you are a localite, i.e, your permanent address is same as local address, then only permanent address alone will suffice. Check this page for comprehensive list on address and age proofs- would need a few passport sized photographs.Preparations (Location- Your home)You'll first need to fill an online form for licence. Its a PDF form, that generates an application number. It only works in Windows with IE and Adober reader. Mac wont work, Ubuntu wont work, wont work. I used a VM created in Parallels (on Mac) to create the following cheapest possible environment (in terms of memory and labour required) that works - 1) Windows XP service Pack 3, 2) Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.133) Adobe Reader 9.4.0 (Old Version of Adobe Reader 9.4.0 Download - - 26.35 Mbs).Open IE and visit . Click on "License e-Services". Hopefully you'll be taken to (if they dont change the port number, etc). Accept any security confirmation if prompted.Click on "Issue of a Learning Licence to me" which should take to . Enable Adobe's browser plugin to render this PDF on IE. You should get a form like:If you have to apply for both 2 wheeler and Car, check (2) "MOTOR CYCLE WITH GEAR (NON TRANSPORT)-(MCWG )" and (4) "LMV-NT-CAR-(LMV   )"After filling the complete form, click on "Submit". You should see this message:Note down the application number. Now go back to homepage and click "Print Application Form" Fill details, save and print the form. Stick your photo.Buy a brown paper folder with ribbon (compulsory). Collate the application form as printed in step 9, Age Proof, Permanent address proof and Local address proof (if applicable). Tie all papers with the ribbon, and write your name, application number and date of birth on top of the folder.Exam preparations. You'll be asked 5-10 random questions on traffic signs (maybe oral or written). Prepare these 3 sections:Mandatory Signs - Signs - Informatory Signs - Do prepare them well. You will be rejected if you dont pass the oral exam. (I was rejected, then I had to re-appear the next day.)We are now set to visit KR Puram RTO.In-Person Visit (Location- KR Puram RTO, Time 9:30am)Try to visit RTO before 10am. You'll finish the entire procedure in less than 20 mins.Visit the Challan counter (counter "3", if they didn't change it), submit your brown folder, with application number. You need to pay Rs 30 for each vehicle type. For Car + Bike pay only 60/- (Carry change. They refused to accept my 100 rupee note.) Tie the challan on top of other pages.Visit 1st floor. The signing officer will tally your originals with Xeroxes and approve the documents if found in order.Visit room number 2, for the Oral/written exam. The RTO inspector will ask you to explain 5-10 random signs. If you pass the exam, he'll approve your file and keep it with himself.If you fail the exam, dont panic. Your folder will be returned back to you and you'll need to re-appear for exam, the very next day. Before appearing for exam, you'll need to re-visit the signing officer (step 3). He'll stamp your file with new date. Then you can proceed for your exam.Visit after 2 working days after 3pm. Carry your ID proof. The inspector will search you file, stick your photos and handover you learning licences (2 A4 sheets- one for Car, another for geared 2-wheeler). Total cost- Rs 60/- Total RTO Visits required- 2Time Invested- 4-5 hours (including form filling and visits)I have not completed 1 month yet, so haven't appeared for Permanent licence. Will update the answer once I do so.
Is it possible to prepare for UPSC within 4 months?
This is my story. Only CSE aspirants can relate to this.I had left my job on 31st Jan 2017 and moved to my brother’s place in Ghaziabad from Bangalore. It was already February, 2017 when I started and the exam was to begin in June with the Prelims. And 4 months aren’t considered enough to comfortably finish the syllabus. Is it just a myth? I started reading the basic material from scratch for various subjects – Geography, History, Polity, Culture, and Environment. I finished the basic material by mid March along with basic current affairs (booklets of VisionIAS and Insights). I didn’t read any newspapers. Everything appeared to be simple until I started attempting questions of the past year. I also gave a mock test and got 57/200. This was pathetic.In order to qualify for next stage I would require around 120 marks to be on safe side. I thought that clearing the exam this year is too ambitious. Even if I cleared the prelims, I would surely not qualify for interview as I am not preparing for Mains in anyway- I was not following opinions in Newspapers, no answer writing practice, not even started on optional ie Mathematics which, I heard, requires generally 6-7 months for thorough preparation. Then if I am not qualifying this year, it means I have till June 2018 i.e., 16 months before I appear in the exam. This is a lot of time.When the application form for the exam came in March 2017, I decided to fill in as I felt that 6 allowed attempts are more than enough for me to try and if I fill the form I would at least spend my time productively preparing for the exam. I also signed up for a Prelims test series.Now, since I was not able to answer the questions in the past year exam, I decided to analyze further what was that I was missing. It appeared to me that the questions based on static portion of the syllabus could be solved from the basic material only if I can get a thorough grasp. Next, I started revision of all the basic books that I had read. I again gave a mock, the score declined to 54/200. :(Then I created notes from all the monthly current affairs modules collecting all the information that appeared relevant for the prelims. I did that because I had realized that before the actual exam, I would not be in a position to revise from so many pdfs. I reappeared in another mock and got 60/200. A little improvement but far from what is required. The month of March had ended.Unable to improve the score despite constant efforts was depressing. I looked at other available material that would help me and started reading that. It was a mistake as the cost-benefit ratio was very poor. I could hardly remember the new information and it was making the revision process very difficult. Therefore, I took a step back and restarted revision of my notes on current affairs, the basic books, and few chapters of year book. Did this process again and again and again. My score started improving slowly but steadily. I also enrolled for another prelims test series and there also my score was looking better test by test. By mid-May, I started feeling that I should be able to qualify given I continue my process of revision and solving mock tests.At the same time, I started reading PT365 materials, a lot of which was already familiar to me as I had prepared notes for monthly current affairs.Apart from knowledge, the prelims also requires calculated risk taking in the exam. A lot of questions can be solved only partially from the information we have, but still there remains a doubt among 2 options or 3 options. In such cases one cannot leave these questions, else it would be very difficult to get a score beyond 100. Here I used my intuition and attempted those question where I am able to eliminate 2 options and in some cases even when I could only eliminate one option but had a gut feeling towards right answer. Many times these guesses would turn out to be wrong, but overall contribution would remain positive. [out of 20 such questions 11 went wrong and 9 went correct, so I got 9 times 2 minus 11 times 2/3, which is positive]IPL and ICC Champions Trophy acted as stress buster during this time.Here is my test series score, the final 141/200 was just days before the prelims.This is how my revision plan looked.(Here PT is PT365 booklet- Vision+Insights, file, register, onenote, folded pages, etc are all my notes.)Now as I started scoring well in these modules, I came to conclusion that as I am reading their current affair material, I am bound to improve on my score as the questions are based out of that material itself. So, I tried online free pdf tests from few other sources and did reasonably well. One week before the actual prelims I realized that its highly likely that I would qualify in the prelims exam. But as my mains preparation were zero, I had a tough task ahead. Therefore, I had ordered notes for Mathematics 3 days before the prelims, in anticipation of success and to not waste any time if that happens.It was the day of ICC Champions Trophy final and India was to face Pak. India badly defeated Pakistan in an initial match but since then Pakistan team had gained new energy from somewhere and they defeated SA, SL and Eng to face India again in finals. Unfortunately, it was also the day of the Prelims exam for me, 18 June 2017.I took an early morning metro to reach the venue. During my journey, I saw colorful coaching materials in hands of various aspirants and many were trying to revise in metro. I didn’t do that as I had been a student of probability. The expected value of such revision is negative in my opinion (you rarely get any question form that revision and such revision would not remain in your memory if its already not there, it also creates stress as you feel you don’t know so many things).Two hours exam and I attempted 85/100 questions, 55 of which I was sure of and rest attempted on probabilistic methods. Then CSAT was over by 4:30 pm. On my way back I got to know that Fakhar Zaman was playing well and India team was unable to get many wickets.As I reached my home, Pak had scored more than 300 and I checked that my score was around 140/200. Within few overs of Indian innings, I knew that Indian team had screwed up but fortunately I hadn’t.PS- I have added my test series score improvement pic to inspire future aspirants to keep working hard even when they don’t see big improvements. The results only show up after a time delay. Same with my timetable pic.See this for the books/ study material that I used in above phase. Tanmay Vashistha Sharma's answer to What was your optional subject? Can you give a fair booklist for every phase of the exam?I have received many messages regarding notes making for mains. Please have a look at this- Tanmay Vashistha Sharma's answer to How did you prepare for international relations for the UPSC?
What is the best free online PDF editor? is a free online platform for PDF editing: splitting by pages, by size, by text, by table of contentsmerging and reordering pagesrotating protecting pdf files and removing protectioncompressing pdfsapplying page numbers and header/footerconverting PDF to JPG imagesextracting textSejda is open source software. I am one of the developers.
What is a reliable and HIPAA compliant document management system?
When choosing a document management system for your healthcare business, pay attention at three main factors: security and HIPAA compliance, price and availability on mobile devices (you may need to fill in and sign medical documents anywhere).PDFfiller is a HIPAA compliant document management system that allows you to complete the entire medical document lifecycle in a secure cloud storage. You don’t have to install additional apps and pay extra money: all you need is available online and at a reasonable price.- save time editing emergency contact forms, patient intake forms and medical history forms online: type text anywhere on PDF forms, highlight important information, edit original text, images and graphics- e-sign hospital registration forms and progress notes on any computer or mobile device- send contact forms and patient intake forms to be signed by patients and physicians in seconds, even on the go- turn any billing form, employment application or contact form into an online fillable form and host it on your website to collect required information and payments- automatically fill in thousands of agreements, invoices and contracts using data from a CRM, ERP or Excel spreadsheet- extract filled-in information from multiple fillable forms in a click and import data back to a CRM, ERP or Excel spreadsheet- get a free US fax number to share medical documents with patients, physicians, applicants and donorsTry PDFfiller for free and learn how it will boost your productivity