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Deborah W.
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Submit important papers on the go with the number one online document management solution. Use our web-based app to edit your PDFs without effort. We provide our customers with an array of up-to-date tools accessible from any Internet-connected device. Upload your PDF document to the editor. Browse for a file on your device or add it from an online location. Insert text, images, fillable fields, add or remove pages, sign your PDFs electronically, all without leaving your desk.


How can e-signatures or online signatures mean anything?
This is a complex problem and there are many different perspectives.Essentially, e-signatures or online signatures don’t hold water unless they protect you against tamper, fraud, alterations, etc. Also when you have to appear in court with a set of documents, the judge would want to know if the people who’s signatures are on the documents DID in fact sign the documents. One reasonable doubt and the case could be thrown out. Check out this article on one such case.Bankruptcy court judge rejects DocuSign signatures as authentic sources, sanctions attorneySome solutions simply super-impose an image of your signature onto an electronic document. Some, slightly more sophisticated solutions, have security wrappers around those signatures. You can verify those documents as long as you’re viewing those documents inside their application.That is not how real life works.At ZorroSign, one of our co-founders owns the patent on electronic signature (from back in the 90’s) and because we have a proprietary technology called Document 4n6 (Forensics) Token, our signatures and documents have bank-grade security and they are tamper proof. Furthermore, ZorroSign signed documents can be validated and authenticated both digitally and in print. A user can grant permission to a third party (say a judge) to view, verify and authenticate documents signed by ZorroSign. Users can use our free mobile app to authenticate, verify, signatories, attachments, view audit trail and more.I invite you to check out our solution at
Have you considered making an online signature course?
No.60% of our software development work is training. We use the analytics and knowledge gained from every project to make the subsequent work a little bit better.What was signature work a few years ago seems somewhat primitive today. Our internal learning is non-stop, encompassing software, LMS systems, standards like SCORM and XAPI, the science and philosophies of learning, and reviews and analysis of recent projects.I firmly believe that we have to move forward all the time. There is no standing still. We’re either improving or going backward.We do prototypes and templates all the time, but the purpose of those is far different than a signature course.
Do online signature petitions actually work in achieving their goals?
The success stories of some recent online petitions indicate that some of them do achieve their objectives. It is claimed that NFL dropped nonprofit status after a football fan started an online petition and Kraft removed "Kids Eat Right" label from their packaging after thousands of dietitians and nutritionists signed an online petition. A student was freed from Iranian prison after her brother's online campaign that was reportedly signed by 777,000 people around the globe.There are reports of several such success stories. Even if the campaign does not achieve its main objective, it at least succeeds in bringing awareness among general public.
How technically difficult is it to create online signature service like HelloSign or RightSignature?
Building an in-house eSignature solution is definitely do able, but once you start planning the implementation, you’ll probably realize how much effort and time will go into it. I make this generalization only because we have a lot of customers who come to us with this situation.I see CTOs value these things for an eSignature solution: development time, legality, and revenue. If you have a subject matter expert like HelloSign, you’d be on a fast track to increasing revenue and streamlining efficiency - all while knowing your butt is covered for security and legality.See how StackExchange managed the dev work for the app, integration with the HelloSign API, testing and bug fixing in under a week: Stack Exchange Uses HelloSign’s API to Automate Stock Option Grants
Can a power of attorney document be filled out with an online signature?
In California A Power of Attorney does not require notarization unless the document to be signed by the individual holding the power itself requires notarization, for example documents affecting a transfer or encumbrance of real property. As a small business attorney I routinely prepare Limited Powers of all accomplished through email which allow me to accomplish specific tasks on the half of a client.  Granting of even Limited Powers of Attorney necessarily involve a great deal of trust, and a customer should be wary of signing such a document. Peter, Oakland, California small business attorney. Not offer or intended as legal advice.
What online signature software will allow me to collect physical signatures for a group letter?
With DigiSigner, you can send a document for signing without specifying where exactly people should sign it or add text to it. This is what we will demonstrate in this tutorial.The steps mentioned below show the paid version of this tool however, if you want to test it DigiSigner also offers a 100% free version that doesn’t require any type of registration. Sign PDF OnlineSend Document for SigningFirst, login to your account and upload a document by clicking on the 'UPLOAD DOCUMENT' button and choosing a file to upload. The document will appear in the list.To send the document for signing, click on the 'SEND FOR SIGNING' button. The dialog for sending the document out will pop up. Enter the signer’s email address.To add more signers, use the 'ADD NEW SIGNER' button. All of the signers will sign the same document copy.In the dialog, you can also specify your own subject and email text.Click on the 'SEND DOCUMENT' button. The email with the link to your document will be immediately sent to the signer. The signer's email addresses will be also displayed next to the document image.The closed envelope icon means that the document has been sent out for signing but hasn't been opened yet. The status 'Waiting For Others' indicates that the document is yet to be completed by the signer or signers.You can always resend the document or remove the signer by clicking on the signer's email address and choosing the corresponding action.Signer to Sign Your DocumentThe signer will receive an email like the one in the screenshot. Please note the 'Open Document' button, which is automatically appended to the email.After the signer clicks on the button, the document opens automatically in the browser.The signer can now sign the document, add text to it etc. After filling out the document, the signer clicks on the 'DONE' button to save the document and complete the process.After that you and the signer will receive a copy of the completed document in your inboxes.In your account, you will also notice that the envelope icon was replaced through the green check mark meaning that the document was successfully completed. The status of the document changed to 'Signed'.
How do I find an estate lawyer that digitizes documents, uses online signatures like Docusign, and can use email for minor changes to wills & trusts?
U.S. perspectiveThe likelihood that you will find an estate planning lawyer who uses online signatures for testamentary documents and amendments thereto is somewhere near zero.The reason: Applicable law requires that such documents be signed, witnessed and notarized by human beings with “wet ink” signatures.
Is there any value in creating an online petition which asks for online signatures?
As everything become digital, online petition are increasing across the world. There are many instances that petition make change the mind set of legislators and politicians . When a cause supported by many people by way of signatures whether it is in online or offline it definitely create value. One can also collect funds along with signatures to use for that cause.Don’t wait for change , create online petition in platforms like isignfund